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Institute for Fine Arts
Contextual Painting

Hans Scheirl | what my work here is about:

1. to support the students on their path/construction site!! and to motivate them to self-organized working and thinking

2. to encourage trans-... themes and working methods: queer, trans-media, trans-genre, trans-gender 

3. to develop a contextual, in this sense ethical consciousness and an individual as well as team-based agency: to become aware of the art-work's bigger (cultural/social/political/scientific) framework and to locate it somewhere in the exploding media-sphere of "public space".

4. kon/text: to adress the work's possible relationship to language in discussions and text-work.

5. to bring "the body" back into the discourse. but 'where does my "body" start and end?', we ask ourselves in these time/spaces of global interchange, where 
    technologically enhanced prosthetix and chemical/physical interventions are transforming our everyday exchange with the world. and in this sense to consider whether the word "body" needs to include the materials, technologies and techniques of our art-making, as well as the social, political and financial context of its production, the embodied subjectivities of the recipients and last but not least the "bodies" of the exhibition- or event- spaces: 'cyborg body-art'!

6. to reflect on sexuality in the context of the media and their power-systems which charge it with meaning and shape our sexual practices + fantasies.

7. to create a dynamic between the performativity of art, art-making and being-an-artist and the performativity of  gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity and other identity construction-sites (where "life-art" and "the art of life" meet).

HansFoto: Lisa Rastl